The impact of COVID-19

How I am coping so far with the isolation

It has now been more than 2 weeks since I have been in isolation and I can say I am doing pretty good most of the time although they are times I feel like the world is on top me. There are times when I just sit and stare into space like a zombie. I guess what is really bothering me in all of this is the impact that COVID-19 is going to have in my country Zimbabwe. I still have family back home and if I think of the state of the heath care in Zimbabwe and the Pandemic it sends shivers down my spine. It seems with most pandemics they hit Africa hard with not enough to no resources of fighting the pandemic all I hope for is God save Africa. My fear stems from the HIV aids pandemic I lost a lot of family members, friends and acquaintances. A lot of people died before the -IRVs were made available and could be accesses by many in Africa. My prayer is a vaccine be found be found before a lot of people in Africa contract the deases because with poverty a lot of people even children have weakened immunities due to malnutrition and HIV.

I know some people might say wait a minute whaat about Ebola yes there was ebila bot it did not affect all coutries in the universe there by making it easier for other countries to help.

In Zimbabwe they have a 21day lock down with no help what soever from the Government. My heart was broken when I saw videos and pictures of market food being destroyed by the police inorder to force the lock down. People are hu gry they survive from hand to mouth, they are no jobs yet the government is destroying food. People are still running around queuing for mealie meal so how can one enforce a lock down. It is so sad indeed. I hope the African leaders have learnt a lesson from this because they have let the health system in their countries collapse due to corruption thinking because they have money they can just board a plane to the Western countries for better health care now they are in the same situation as the people they oppress boarders are shut so where are they going to run to. Any way enough of me rumbling my woes and frustrations about my motherland and back to the subject.

As I am at work nothing much has changed apart from the fact that I should be home on my 2 week break by now. I no longer go for my Charity shop shopping in the High Street and I miss that but on a positive note it means no spending and I am serving that money instead. Now I am having to do online grocery shopping for the first time. I love to walk in the shops looking for reduced items, you see I have always been a bargain hunter there is nothing that gives me satisfaction more than buying quality items at reduced prices and that includes groceries.

I have a few items that I bought in a charity shop before the lock down that I wanted to wear this Easter. My Pinterest has come in handy as I have developed a love of baking recently due to boredom. So far I managed to bake some scones that came out umm more like cookies but we’re very delicious 😋. I have been doing a lot of video calling with family and friends my family back home is so much worried about me and I am worried about them. My prayers and thoughts are with them who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19. I can not imagine not being able to visit your loved one when they are sick in hospital, not being able to hold their hand and say final good byes that it is hard,and not to be present on their burial it is just too much to take.

One thing that I know though is that All this shall pass too and it will be history but untill then we isolate and adhere to lock down rules.


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