How self isolating and corona virus are impacting my life as a Live in care worker.

As a live in care worker I work 8 weeks and 2 weeks off. I was due for my break during the second week of April which meant enjoying Easter with my non blood related family that I have.

Little did I know that the creator had other plans for me.

On the 13th of March I recieved an email fro our office telling all live on carer to stay at their current placements until further notice. We were to cancel all breaks and holidays.

On the 16th of March I again received news that my client and her daughter had visited a certain care home on Friday and they had been informed that one of the residents had tested positive for COVID – 19 so I had to go into quarantine for 14days.

After the 14 days of self Isolation there was really no difference because I still had to self isolate. The only time I go out is 6am for my morning jog 4 days a week and it is not the same every week as sometimes I do 3 days. I have tried a few exercises on YouTube. Before the Corona virus outbreak I had bought some exercising bands and had never tried them. But now I have started using them just simply because I run out of things to do. Jogging is my go to exercise because I suffer from athritis in my wrists so I can not do much exercises that I have to use my hands.

I sometimes find myself depressed with the whole situation even though most of the time, even if I go home I will be on my own. But I guess it is the fact that I can not even go to the shops. But I know it is for the best that we self isolate and protect the most vulnerable in society. For I know even this will pass one day and life will begin to normalise but until then The Creator is in control and our fate is in his hands.


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